Adobe Lightroom Photo-editing Course Sydney

Adobe Lightroom 5 / 6 / CC Workshop (4hrs) - Sydney
Photo management and image-editing digital workflow using Adobe Lightroom 5 or 6 (CC) - the powerful editing toolkit programme for professional and enthusiast photographers (PC and MAC).
You’ve taken the photos and want an all-in-one user friendly editing programme for managing and enhancing large number of images?
Unsure of a simple post-production digital imaging workflow process?
Need to organise your photo library efficiently so you can spend more time behind the camera?
Want to learn quick image-editing techniques to improve your Raw and Jpeg images without affecting the original photos?
Unsure of when and how much to sharpen your image?
Need to understand the important issue of pixel resolution for website, email and print?

Digital photography is more than just capturing images in the camera; it is also about editing, enhancing and showcasing them on websites such as Flickr, Facebook and Instagram, iPad /iPhone or in print such as photobooks or framed fine art prints to hang on a wall. Whilst Adobe Photoshop has long been their choice and only real option for editing digital photographs, many photographers (professional and enthusiasts) now use instead the faster and more streamlined Adobe Photoshop Lightroom programme. Designed specifically for digital photgraphers, Lightroom offers powerful non-destructive editing features that lets photographers import, sort, organise and enhance Raw and Jpeg images easily. A time-saving application for processing and assessing a few shots or multiple digital images. The benefit of Lightroom being non-destructive means that your original photos are protected - even for Jpeg files - unlike Photoshop (unless you are working in layers and large files). Therefore your image edits are always reversible.

This half-day introduction course is for photographers (Pc or Mac) who want an understanding of a cost effective professional photo / image-editing programme so they can spend less time at the computer and more time behind the lens. It combines Raw and Jpeg processing, photo management and image editing features (plus a lot more) all in one easy-to-use programme. It is also compatible with Photoshop should you want to do further complex image retouching to any of your edited images. Through demonstrations and hands-on tuition using your own laptop you will learn the key workflow techniques of this programme. From the initial image download step and processing Raw/Jpeg files, through the organise and image correcting stages to sharpening, resizing and saving files to output for print and screen.

Next course dates: Wed 29 November, Sat 2 December, Wed 20 December
Time: 10am - 2pm

Cost: $210 incl hand-out notes. ($185 if book 'Digital Essentials Photography Course' and this course together).

Pre-requisite: None or previous knowledge of Lightroom 5 or 6/ CC Mac and Pc users. Must have basic computer skills.

Course duration: 4 hours (demonstrations and hands-on workshop)

Group size: small groups - max 6 persons. Students are required to bring your own laptop already installed with Lightroom 5 or 6/ CC to use. (free trial version of Adobe Lightroom 6/ CC is available for download for Pc and Mac from the Adobe website - check system requirements first). If you want to buy Lightroom as a stand alone product (one time price re $200) and not buy it through Adobe Creative Cloud $13.99 monthly subscription option you need to go to Adobe website 'Products' page and scroll down to bottom of page .

We also provide one-to-one or small group Adobe Lightroom training at your premises (home or office) in the Sydney area. (Minimum 2 hours).

Course suitable for: This intensive and fun photo/image editing course workshop has been designed for those wanting a professional yet simple digital imaging workflow process to improve their photos. Easy techniques can be acquired by learning the fundamental functionality of The Library and Develop workspace modules within Lightroom 5 / 6 / CC photo/image-editing programme. Suited to Mac and Pc users who already use Lightroom or are thinking about purchasing the software.

An ideal course for individuals with little spare time and also a cost-effective training course for time-pressed business employees of large corporations, small businesses and government organisations whose role requires managing the company’s photo library and creating various in-house newsletters, images for company’s website etc.

Course outline: We will demonstrate the beginning-to-end process for a simple digital workflow using the Library workspace for importing, organising and evaluating Raw and Jpeg images, followed by improving image quality quickly using the sliders and tools in the Develop workspace. Working with and understanding RAW files as well as sharpening, saving, outputting and resizing files for printing and on-screen applications are also covered. During the session you will have time to work on your own images with guidance from the instructor.

The course covers:
* Steps for a simple digital workflow & comprehensive overview of key features in Lightroom 5, 6 / CC workspace.
* Downloading RAW and Jpeg files, managing & organising photos, adding keywords & meta tags easily.
* Using folders, collections, virtual copies, stacks & assigning ratings to manage photos into catagories.
* Evaluate images quickly using: full screen mode, the zoom enlargement ‘loupe’ & ‘compare’ view.
* Adjusting white balance & exposure.
* Basic photo enhancement easy-to-use techniques: colour & tone adjustment, cropping, straightening, removing digital noise.
* Improving quality of image by ‘cleaning up’ using retouch ‘heal’ tool, removing red-eye.
* Improving highlight clipping, shadows and contrast using the ‘highlights, whites, shadows and black' sliders. (powerful tools not available in Photoshop).
* Enhance or de-saturate colour using vibrancy / saturation sliders.
* Converting an image to quality black and white / sepia.
* Synchronise adjustments across multiple images to save time.
* Sharpening an image correctly for web/screen and print i.e how much to sharpen?
* Outputting images - understanding pixel resolution - resizing images for print & web/email.
* Resolution & colour space (Adobe RGB vs. SRGB).
* Saving and working with various file formats: Jpeg, Raw, Tiff, PS, GIF

Course outcomes:
Course outcomes:
* Importing, processing Raw and Jpeg images.
* Creating a simple digital workflow for organising photo library.
* Master a few simple techniques to digitally enhance / correct photos.
* Learn the difference between file formats ( Raw, Jpeg, Tiff, PS) and how to save files.
* Sharpening images correctly.
* Resizing, pixel resolution & colour space for both printing (home inkjet printer vs photo lab) and web/email.

How to book course: Book this course now via the booking page or email us via the contact form if any questions.

Location: Training room in Sydney city CBD or studio in Eastern Suburbs close to CBD Sydney. (full address emailed on booking confirmation). Train station walking distance to both locations and parking available.

Course instructor: Sarah Jenkins - photographer & graphic designer.
In this interview / article for CNET Sarah shares tips and a simple digital workflow process for managing your photos when working in Adobe Lightroom - the pro photographers' image-editing program of choice!

What to bring: Please bring your laptop (and power cable) with Lightroom 5 or 6 / CC installed (Free trial version of Lightroom 6 / CC is available to download from Adobe website. Please check your new or updated Lightroom program is installed and working on your computer prior to workshop. If you want to buy Lightroom as a stand alone product (one time price re $200) and not buy it through Adobe Creative Cloud $13.99 monthly subscription option you need to go to Adobe website 'Products' page and scroll down to bottom of page not the main Lightroom web page on Adobe website), about 20 of your RAW and/or Jpeg images on CD or USB memory stick and if you have Raw or Jpeg images on your camera memory card bring them too (not crucial) with a card reader for downloading. If you are new to using Lightroom DO NOT import any of your photos into Lightroom before attending this workshop - bring images on USB or camera card.

"Thanks for yesterday's Adobe Lightroom workshop. It was a very well run course with an excellent balance between demonstrations and "hands-on" time. It was also great you spent the time to explain how Lightroom is rather different from other editing programs with its "structure" to ensure the initial set up for importing photos is correct which is so critical to the program and being able to retrieve photos as required. I have no hesitation recommending this course to others." J. Beuman

"Thank you for what was a most interesting and informative course. I learned so much and last evening I went over everything we did during the session. I really feel that I now have a solid base to build on my understanding of Lightroom." R Allen

"Thank you so much for yesterday's workshop. I really enjoyed your presentation with theory and hands-on. You get through a lot in 4 hours and you are very thorough and generous with the information." C Grattan

"Today I spent four great hours discovering some of Lightroom's photo editing magic. Our host/ teacher Sarah has the gift of passing on her knowledge in a way that's easy to understand and went out of her way to ensure our small group enjoyed the experience and learnt as much as possible in the time we had.
Thanks for your help Sarah.' P. Caswell

"Thanks very much for an informative and interesting Lightroom workshop yesterday. It has given me the motivation to "go and get it right the first time!" A Fong

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